Despite a difficult life situation there are people who need help. What began as a small group of volunteers armed with a white hull and need help now have become more than 3,000 Syrians who endanger their lives every time a person is in danger.

When a bomb hits the floor they are the first to arrive. They consider it a sacred work, without a doubt some of the rescues deserve credit, without them many innocent lives have been lost.

“A life saved is a war won”.

Defying advertising

The campaign of the regime and set Russia against Assad White Helmets not only ships with bombs and missiles. The state media Russians and Syrians are circulating “information” to the volunteers labeled terrorist allies only help jihadists. As President Assad told Associated Press in September 2016: “humanitarian use masks to implement certain agendas.”

Documentary Netflix

Netflix documentary that documents the dangerous work of volunteers venture between the bombs to rescue the bloody civil war in Syria.

The director Orlando von Einsiedel was nominated for an Oscar for his gripping documentary war “Virunga”.

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