More than 5,000 people have died trying to cross the Mediterranean in 2016 and nothing is done to prevent it.

All united for the same cause for those who need it most. Solidarity is the word that defines the artists authors of this song dedicated to people fleeing war, famine, political persecution on grounds of sexual orientation or beliefs.

Joan Manuel Serrat, Judit Neddermann, Sidonie, Manolo Garcia, Ismael Serrano, Gemma Humet, Gossos, Els Amics de les Arts, Jofre Bardagí, Antonio Orozco, Pablo López, Joana Serrat, Shuarma, Elèctrica Dharma, Santi Balmes, Marina Rossell, Estopa, Manu Guix i Feras Almalat.

Guitarra: Luis Robisco Bateria: Pere Fovet Baix: Jordi Franco

Direcció i producció musical, piano i teclats: Manu Guix.

Producció: CanetRock
Gemma Recoder, Marina Portabella, Laura Duran, Ignasi Termes i Joel Fortuny

Enregistrat a l’estudi Medusa de Barcelona el 4 de gener de 2017.
Enginyer de so: Roger Rodés
I a Music Lan d’Avinyonet de Puigventós i Los Paraísos Desiertos de Madrid el 7 de gener de 2017.
Enginyers de so: Jordi Solé i Ángel Cardavilla.


Director: Marc Barceló
Directora de foto: Sandra Formatger
Producció: Ignasi Termes
Edició: Júlia Bagaria
Operadors de càmera: Sandra Formatger, Thomas Barrera i Nacho Recoder
Ajudant de càmera: Júlia Jané
Elèctrics: Toni Alcalde i Càstor Pérez
Art: Laia Pallarès i Èlia Basullas
Colorista: Juanma Requena
Making of i descàrregues: Júlia Girós
Maquillatge: Sílvia Ribera i Jen de la Cruz
Fotògraf: Toni Foixench
Agraïments: Albert Segura, Oriol Bonals, Sandra Ramionet, Laura Arau.
Material tècnic: Movie Men, La Cápsula i 16Nou

Documentary Tv3 Colabora.

Vides aturades

Vides aturades is a documentary that exposes the lives of these refugees in Vasilika, a former chicken factory transformed into a camp for refugees. Exposed the poor quality of life suffering there in subhuman conditions. Can you imagine what living in tents planted in poorly ventilated hangar. Having portable toilets without running water, with plenty of waste and lack of basic infrastructure. Suppose there is a kitchen or school is already completely ruled out, as if that were not enough, there’s always health care. Vasilika is a refugee camp managed by the Greek state under military control. Ahmed, the Khadija in Rasol, Asia and Feras tell us how to live all this from the perspective of someone who has had to leave behind a home with a lifetime already done.

Thanks to the organization Our House Your Home in collaboration with TV3.

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