Catalonia has been a refuge for many people in times of uncertainty, we have also to remember and remember that we too need shelter in other lands and the future is determined.

When in 2015, Spain agreed to receive 10,772 refugees over a period of two years, which is failing. Spain is not the only government that violates international law and the International Law of Human Rights. Other European institutions are ignoring and trampling the foundations of the European Union.

More than 290 million people have had to leave their homes because of Sail conflicts, human rights violations, poverty and other climatic situations. Since 2000, European policies have made borders were the killer of more than 32,000 people crossed the Mediterranean Sea. Because of that 2016 has been one of the deadliest.

The reason for the movement #VolemAcollir be appealed to the Catalan institutions to act clearly in favor of the fulfillment of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, measures against racism.

For all the mentioned most important mobilizing citizens and the voice to achieve a collective awareness.


Ahmed explains what wants to be great, as was his school and why, it is so important to study.

The Khadija describes the hygienic and sanitary conditions of the field. Some are minimal, there are no others.

Asia explains how women in the field is essential: it works and takes care of the family, but also that is exposed to more dangers

In Rasol explains that he left home and left everything to come to a country where neither understand nor understand. Misses his life before.

How can I help?

Ways to help ..

  • Providing humanitarian material.
  • Adopt a family.
  • Give money.

You’ll find different types of ways will help fight this war.

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